S.No Code PROJECT TITLE Download Titles Action
1 CTJV101 Mail received Authentication System
2 CTJV102 A novel Anti-Fishing Framework based on visual Cryptography
3 CTJV103 E-Assessment Instructor
4 CTJV104 Dual-Stenography for hiding text in video by linked list method
5 CTJV105 Hostel Management System
6 CTJV106 Stock Market Prediction Analysis
7 CTJV107 Stock Market Prediction Analysis
8 CTJV108 Attendance Management System
9 CTJV109 Online feedback system for faculty
10 CTJV110 Online examination system
11 CTJV111 Blood Donor Symbiosis
12 CTJV112 Online venue booking
13 CTJV113 Finding verb for written for written test
14 CTJV114 Graduate selection process
15 CTJV115 Military equipment rental system
16 CTJV116 Placement tracking system
17 CTJV117 Certificate issue system
18 CTJV118 Automatic Time table generation
19 CTJV119 Exam registration system
20 CTJV120 Leave Management for college
21 CTJV121 Automatic personality classification
22 CTJV122 Result set processing system
23 CTJV123 Library management system
24 CTJV124 Captcha as Graphical Passwords-A New Security Primitive Based on Hard AI Problems
25 CTJV125 Shadow attacks based on password reuses a quantitative empirical analysis
26 CTJV126 Online rental system
27 CTJV127 Historical temples
28 CTJV128 Smart parking system for shopping complex
29 CTJV129 E-counseling for student
30 CTJV130 An Object-Oriented Web Test Model for Testing Web Applications
31 CTJV131 Online Quiz for student
32 CTJV132 Online seat booking system in college auditoriums
33 CTJV133 Vehicle investigation system
34 CTJV134 Alumini
35 CTJV135 Hyper mall shopping
36 CTJV136 Multi banking transaction system
37 CTJV137 Medical reference system
38 CTJV138 Effort tracker system
39 CTJV139 Online store
40 CTJV140 Project guider


S.No Code PROJECT TITLE Download Titles Action
1 CTJV101 Automation of aviation control
2 CTJV102 Data Leakage Detection
3 CTJV103 Fraud Detection
4 CTJV104 Network Banking System
5 CTJV105 E-Assessment Service for College
6 CTJV106 Automatic Face naming
7 CTJV107 Graduate Selection Process
8 CTJV108 Friends Meeting point
9 CTJV109 Reusable CAPTCHA Security Search Engine
10 CTJV110 Network Security Project Management
11 CTJV111 Online Grievance Readdressal System
12 CTJV112 An Object-Oriented Web Test Model for Testing Web Applications
13 CTJV113 Exposure of suspicious Email
14 CTJV114 Multi Search System
15 CTJV115 Online Venue Booking
16 CTJV116 Certificate Issue System
17 CTJV117 ATM Bank Software
18 CTJV118 E-Shopping Mall
19 CTJV119 Exam Result Application
20 CTJV120 Mobile Services
21 CTJV121 Online Blood donation system
22 CTJV122 Online Library Management System
23 CTJV123 Online Movie ticket
24 CTJV124 Project Guider
25 CTJV125 Safe & Secure Internet Banking
26 CTJV126 Finding Verb For Written Text.
27 CTJV127 E-Voting
28 CTJV128 Online Seat Booking System
29 CTJV129 Vehicle investigation system
30 CTJV130 Captcha as Graphical Passwords
31 CTJV131 Mail Authentication System
32 CTJV132 Inference Attack on browsing history of twitter
33 CTJV133 Nearest keyword set search in multi-dimensional datasets
34 CTJV134 Multi Banking system
35 CTJV135 Best keyword cover search
36 CTJV136 Dual Steganography
37 CTJV137 Anti-Phishing attacks using visual cryptography
38 CTJV138 Connecting Social media to E-commerce
39 CTJV139 Audio cryptography
40 CTJV140 Fast nearest neighbor search with keywords
41 CTJV141 Location aware keyword query suggestion based on document proximity
42 CTJV142 Network Security Project Management
43 CTJV143 Historical Temples
44 CTJV144 Detecting malicious facebook applications
45 CTJV145 Hi-fi infirmary
46 CTJV146 Real –time detection of traffic from twitter stream analysis
47 CTJV147 Hostel Management Services
48 CTJV148 Data Lineage in Malicious Environments
49 CTJV149 Blood donation system
50 CTJV150 Discovery of ranking fraud for mobile apps
51 CTJV151 Online Store
52 CTJV152 Certificate issue System
53 CTJV153 Data security using images
54 CTJV154 Attendance Management System
55 CTJV155 Online Quiz
56 CTJV156 Group Examination Process
57 CTJV157 Centralized Sales and Inventory Management
58 CTJV158 Focus Learning To Crawl Web Forums
59 CTJV159 Salary management system
60 CTJV160 Online Auction
61 CTJV161 An attribute-assisted reranking model for web image search
62 CTJV162 Learning to rank image tags with limited training examples
63 CTJV163 Steganography using reversible texture synthesis
64 CTJV164 Friends Avenue
65 CTJV165 Tweet Segmentation And Its Application To Named Entity Recognition
66 CTJV166 Engineering Books Resale Management System
67 CTJV167 Data Mart Management System
68 CTJV168 Data University System
69 CTJV169 File Encryption System
70 CTJV170 Medical Reference System